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Dear Brothers and Sisters

 Assalaam alaikum. This is continuation of the duhiya. The first part and other earlier da’awa messages can be found in the website under topics of the week

 What type of animal which are not allowed for slaughtering for duhiya. If the animal cannot compete favourably with other animals we cannot slaughter it for duhiya.   Allah is good and He wants good things. Get a reasonably good animal. You do not have to choose the best animals.  Faulty animal that can nullify duhiya

Clearly open faults which are clearly visible.

1.Sick animal

2.Lame animal

3.Animal with one eye

4.Very thin animal

5.Blind animal

6.Animal with three legs

Any other animals which are worse than those stated above are not allowed to be slaughtered for duhiya.

 But there are some animals with faults but it cannot be seen openly i.e. some animals are blind at night while they can see during the day.

The animals which is disliked but allowed for duhiya

1. Animal with ear cut or has holes

2. Animal with broken horn

3. Animals with cut tails


Next section we look at the basic laws which will govern the animals you bought for duhiya.

Kind Regards



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