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The advantages of swalltul duha Part II
The raakkats for swallatul duha  are two, four, six, eight  and twelve depending on the availability of time. It was reported by  Twabarani, Abi Darda  that Nabbi (SAW) said that a person who prays to rakkat of duha, he not counted  among the lazy people in  deen of Islam. 

If one prays four rakkat  he/she is counted among those who worship Allah. In practice these are the people to who mixes haram and halal issues and practise good and bad deeds.

The read verses of quran in parts……  One who prays six rakkat  he/she is counted among those who  fear Allah. When he reads a verse in quran, he/she does so from beginning to the end. If he makes mistakes/sins he fears Allah’s punishment.

If one prays eight rakkat , it will be enough for his/her needs  for that day. Most scholars are of the view that eight rakaats is the best.  If you pray twelve rakkats Allah builds for you a house/home in Jannah.

Waslaam laikum.

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