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 Can  duha be prayed every day ?
There are differences in opinion by scholars. Ibn Tamiya  recommended that  if  one pray  swallul laili, then you do not have to pray duha every day. 

Baazumil  recommend that swallah duha is should be prayed everyday.  Nabbi  (SAWS ) used to pray both  the laili and duha prayers. But he was afraid that this swallah may be made obligatory. He is no longer with us, so Allah cannot increase the number of obligatory prayers. 

We should not miss this opportunity to pray duha. Allah has given us opportunities  in abundance while we just sit and do nothing knowingly or unknowingly. 

In case you leave home after sunrise, then pray before you leave for work. Get a corner and pray in our offices  before 8.00 a.m. or around 10.00 a.m. during tea break. Often it may difficult to pray after 11.00 in the normal office environment. On week ends it would be advisable to stay in masjid  and read quran, then 10-15 minutes after sunrise, you can pray duha and go home.

Lets pray that Almighty Allah makes it easy for us.



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