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Dear Brothers and Sisters

Assalaam alaikum. This is continuation of the duhiya. Other   parts and other earlier da’awa messages can be found in the website under topics of the week

Assuming that you bought animals earlier at lower price and you keep them in custody till after prayers for slaughtering, there are basic rules which you should follow, namely:
1.    If you die, the animals cannot be sold, it can only be slaughtered as duhiya.
2.    You cannot exchange the animal unless the one you have is better than the animals you had.
3.    You cannot use the animals for any other things, i.e. sitting on it, milk it, fertilisation / breeding, shaving fur from animal. If you milk it or shave fur, you should not sell them. You can donate it as sadaka, because animal and its products are no longer yours.
4.    If animal is lost or disappeared due to reasons beyond your control, you should not replace it, but if the animal runs away due to your negligence then you should replace it.
5.    If the animal has a faults which are evident, it cannot be slaughtered for duhiya, but it can be given as sadaka,
6.    If the animal produces, the young one, it should not be sold but can be donated.
7.    If the animal is slaughtered if find a young one inside, you do not have to slaughterer, just prepare it to be eaten.            
It is forbidden to sale meat for duhiya. If you the one who slaughtered, you are just passing over the meat to beneficiary don’t sale the meat. But the direct beneficiary can sell.
The skin of animal for duhiya should not be sold ( do not engage in trade ). It should be donated
Kind Regards


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