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 Subject :VSC-50S/2 series double-workbench vertical machining center..
07-12-2017 02:12:05 
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Product description:
The NMC-36VS is a BT-40 spindle compact cnc vertical machining center, with high rigity and much higher productivity than normal CNC tapping machine. The machine demontrates the excellent machining capability for automobile, motocycle and information technology.  Also it is a top-level environmental performance.
(GSK25i is a high-performance CNC system characterized by its powerful functions and simple operation. It is applicable to the multi-function cnc machining centers, boring machines, milling machines and drilling machines with 3~5 axis linkage.)

WNC's powerful MB-V vertical machining center is the foundation for vertical machining centers that meet the most exacting production needs. Okuma’s solid bridge casting, based on our proven cnc machining center, results in improved accuracy for a wide variety of jobs from continuous production to prototypes. Higher spindle speeds, increased thermal stability and improved tolerance control make Okuma Vertical machining centers vertical the right choice. Our custom designed linear guideway system and precision-built spindle assure optimal performance during high-speed machining or heavy-duty cutting. Our industry leading THINC?-OSP Control allows for greater versatility and minimal downtime.

Thermal Active Stability (TAS) creates the most stable and accurate vertical machining center vertical
on the market. (standard on both GENOS machines.) TAS-S is spindle, TAS-C is casting. Standard on every spindle 12,000 rpm or higher.
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