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How do i pay subscription if i am outside Uganda?

Please find bank details if you are outside Uganda in the downloads area. You can find the downloads by clicking downloads in the Resources menu on the left of this page.

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How do pay subscription to UMPro ?

UMPro requires that all members pay an annual subscription fee of 10000 UGX to run its activities. Account details below.
BANK : dfcuBANK Branch :
Makerere Account Name: Union of Uganda Muslim Professionals
Account No. 01083500211565

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PostHeaderIcon Duhiya Series Part 1

Duhiya in the corner. It is advisable to  buy animals for sacrifice now and keep it for duhiya before the price escalates.  Duhiya is a must for those who can afford as is clearly stated in sural kauthar and many authentic haddiths. The head of family must slaughter an animal. The slaughtering has to be done before after Idd-ah-ha prayers.

If  are fasting in the first ten days and slaughter for duhiya. There are things which you must do and they as stated below in haddith narrated by Bukhari and Muslim:   

1. Do not cut your nails (toes or fingers)

2. Do not remove hair from your body, do not shave.

3. You can do the above after returning from prayers.

4.  It is advisable to slaughter the animals soon after Eid prayers  

You can sacrifice more than one animal. One can be for you and your family and the second can be for others who might not be able. Some scholars say that you can sacrifice for those died.

The animals and their ages, which can be sacrificed, are:

1. Cow (two years and above: enough for seven people)

2. Goat (one year and above) 

3. Sheep (six months years and above)

4. Camel (five years and above: enough for seven people)

5. There is no harm to sacrifice a cow by one person if he/has the ability.

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