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How do i pay subscription if i am outside Uganda?

Please find bank details if you are outside Uganda in the downloads area. You can find the downloads by clicking downloads in the Resources menu on the left of this page.

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How do pay subscription to UMPro ?

UMPro requires that all members pay an annual subscription fee of 10000 UGX to run its activities. Account details below.
BANK : dfcuBANK Branch :
Makerere Account Name: Union of Uganda Muslim Professionals
Account No. 01083500211565

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PostHeaderIcon Duhiya Series Part 4

Assalaam alaikum warahamtulaahi wabarakatuh. This is forth and the last part of the duhiya. Other   parts and other earlier daawa messages can be found on the website under Topics of the Week. You are advised to go through the other three parts.

After returning from prayers one can slaughter. For those who fasted for ten days, can shave hair and cut the nails. All these are done to please Allah and to thank Him for the favours He granted you for the year. These are some of the things done by those in hajji rituals during this period.  The slaughtering can be extended up to three days.

If you are going to distribute the meat, it is commonly said that you divide into three shares.  Some of it is for you and your family; some is given to the neighbours and other share to friends. There is no authentic hadith about the ratio/shares, is it 1/3.  But one has to be careful when distributing meat. It is not wise and advisable to give meat to someone, the amount which will cause the receiver to despise the meat. Despising it is haram, but do not be the causer.  Example, if some has a large family then you give half kilogram of meat, you cause displeasure to such a family.


Adam  Sebbit

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