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Asalaam alaikum.


This the third topic of the series UMPro is running.

  1.    It is highly recommend that you say farewell to persons close to you. But you should not make   a public announcement. People are  funny, they may behave strangely during your absence.
  2.    It is recommended that you pray two rakkahs. Nabbi (SAW ) said that it is best gift (present) to leave for your family.
  3.   It is highly recommended that you make supplication (dua) to those you leave behind. They should also make supplication to the traveler. It is better to ask any good thing apart from the    material. The supplication should be similar the one Nabbi (SWA) used to make before he traveled or before going for Jihhad. Say “I  leave you in the hands of Allah (it implies under His protection)
  4.     your religion, trust and deeds”. The supplication should be from both parties. It is important because when one is away from home,  many things may be done by spouses, children and others, during  ones absence. It is important to leave everything to Allah because He never neglect /abrogate His duties.
  5.   It is highly recommended that you ask for permission from those  above you. In haddith narrated by Tirimithi, Umar (RA) said that, he asked for permission from Nabbi (SAW) to travel for Ummra.    Nabbi (SAW) requested Umar (RA) to make supplication for him. This  shows the importance of supplication from both sides. The permission is important because should you have any problemsone can easily be assisted. It is unfortunate that some people    still travel stealth fully from their spouse/s and family. May  Almighty Allah project us from these vices
  6.   * Allah answers directly to the supplications from three persons.
  •  Supplication from parents to children. Even you have stubborn  children do not curse them. Give the necessary punishment. But you should make supplication to Allah to guide them.
  •  Person who is mistreated, (zulum) be it Muslim or non-Muslim
  •  A person who is on journey. It is important to make  supplication for you and others.
May Al-mighty Allah guide us
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