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The Objectives of the Union are to:

a) Unite, organize and enhance solidarity among Muslim Professionals in Uganda;

b) Facilitate the identification, mentoring and advancement of Muslim professionals;

c) Establish an Islamic Information Centre;

d) Co-operate with other organisations/Institutions with similar objectives as those of UMPro.

e) Advocate and safe guard the rights of Muslim Professionals and Muslims in general.

f) Encourage Islamic Daawa through various methods e.g. Newspapers, Radios, Television etc.

g) Provide consultancy and advisory services in all areas of socio-economic and technology development.

h) Conduct training, organise scientific conferences, seminars and workshops for the members and any other facility that may wish to do so.

UMPro in Pictures

DSC00653 Luweero Muslim Women receive clothings DSC00658 Happy residents take home their clothings DSC00659 DSC00662 Luweero Muslims Listen attentively DSC00660 Attendants Network DSC00657